I was raised in Palo Alto, California when it was a breeding ground for creativity:


Steve Jobs


Teri Hatcher & James Franco


Joan Baez


Raymond Carver


. . . among others.


I thought all kids had their grilled cheese made by one of the first women to climb Annapurna, or it was usual to sneak cookies from a Nobel Peace Prize Recipients

cookie jar.


These pioneers lead by quiet example and always encouraged us kids to get dirty and do things on our own.


With this directive and my plentiful energy, my days were full of make-believe, music, dance, technology, and art.


With a bike, a dog, & an unlimited imagination -- I had it all.




Years passed.  I grew up.


My creativity was used in more practical pursuits.


With a husband, the world’s best dog, and a dishwasher -- I had it all.





Life happened.


In a BIG way,


In a way that designated the way back

to my creative roots and imagination.


i express, i create, i demonstrate

with words/song/dance

informed and inspired by my life experiences

on the stage, on film, or on the written page.



. . .among others.